We're delighted to share this post from a special guest author John Czupak who is President and CEO at ThreatQuotient. 

The reality of cybersecurity today is that adversaries are always advancing, which means that, as defenders, we must continue to advance the state of security operations and management. ThreatQuotient believes that relevant and prioritized threat data and intelligence is the foundation necessary to identify, understand, prevent and respond to threats. As a result, not only are we committed to providing the most advanced threat intelligence platform, but to forging partnerships with leading managed security services providers to enable more customers to realize the benefits of detailed, relevant threat intelligence to accelerate security operations.

To that end, I am extremely proud that NTT Security, the specialized security company of NTT Group, yesterday announced a partnership with ThreatQuotient to broaden its threat intelligence capabilities. The ThreatQ threat intelligence platform will serve as the cornerstone of NTT Security’s new threat intelligence services offerings. Based on a flexible and extensible architecture, ThreatQ will fully integrate into the NTT Security global Managed Security Services platform. Showcasing our respective strengths, not only will NTT Security managed security service customers benefit from contextual, prioritized and actionable threat intelligence, but NTT Security will also use ThreatQ to enhance its consulting services, including risk assessments, forensic and incident response engagements and reputation threat services. This partnership also allows NTT Security to resell the ThreatQ threat intelligence platform to NTT Group customers who are looking to build a native threat intelligence capability from scratch and to provide feeds of NTT Security’s threat intelligence data to customers capable of consuming it.

ThreatQuotient has established itself as a recognized leader in the threat intelligence market and is excited about the momentum that we are building. This exciting partnership with NTT Security will continue to propel us forward and, more importantly, allow us to reach more organizations around the world that want to operationalize threat intelligence and get more value from their existing security investments. We look forward to collaborating with NTT Security to provide customers with the threat intelligence they need to protect themselves from the threats that matter most to their organizations. Learn more here.