Observations of the Trends and Statistics that Shaped Cybersecurity in 2015

Now in its fourth year of publication, the 2016 Global Threat Intelligence Report (GTIR) highlights observations and details about global threats. In this year’s report we continue tracking trends that have affected our clients over the last few years, as well as identify the new threats that presented themselves in 2015.

This year’s GTIR provides actionable intelligence, guidance about what attackers are doing, and comprehensive security controls designed to disrupt attacks. Controls recommended in this report will contribute to an organization’s survivability and resiliency in the face of an attack.

To develop this year’s annual report, we collaborated with several well-respected organizations, including Lockheed Martin, Recorded Future, Wapack Labs, and the Center for Internet Security. These contributors provided key feedback and observations from their unique perspectives of the cyber threat landscape.

A primary focus of the report discusses concepts presented by Lockheed Martin’s Cyber Kill Chain® and the Center for Internet Security’s Critical Security Controls. In a focused, case-study discussion, we align the attack process to the stages of the Cyber Kill Chain and identify controls that can be effective at each stage. We also explore the value of taking the upper hand by using targeted countermeasures to disrupt attacks.

Key findings in the report discuss the different threats observed by organizations and the associated impact from such attacks, both by geographic location and alignment with specific vertical business sector. Trends related to the visibility of vulnerabilities and attacks associated with our monitoring solutions also bring several interesting findings to light. We continue our coverage of threat intelligence best practices and provide insight into the value of attacker attribution and the confidence level of data, information, and intelligence.

Additionally, this year’s report includes valuable information and statistics related to attack visibility from the NTT i3, Inc. honeynet infrastructure. Global visibility to the honeynet data provides a unique view on the source, destination and top protocols and services attacked during 2015.

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